Export 3D Aerodynamics Simulation Data to Paraview

Watch the above video to export CFD data to Paraview đŸ“ē

Here are instructions on how to import a surface CSV file from Stallion 3D into ParaView using the Point Dataset Interpolator:

In Stallion 3D

  • Export the computational fluids dynamics (CFD) surface data as a CSV file
  • Export the volume data also as a CSV file
  • Export the STL file

Open ParaView.

  • Click "File" > "Open".
  • Navigate to your CSV file and select it.
  •  Click "OK".

Convert CSV to points:

  •  In the "Pipeline Browser", click on the CSV file.
  • -Click "Filters" > "Alphabetical" > "Table To Points".
  • -Set "X Column", "Y Column", and "Z Column" to the appropriate column names in your CSV file.
  • Click " OK".

Load the target surface mesh:

  • Click "File" > "Open".
  • Navigate to your surface STL file and select it.
  • Click "OK".

 Apply Point Dataset Interpolator:

  • Click on the "Table To Points" output in the "Pipeline Browser".
  • Click "Filters" > "Alphabetical" > "Point Dataset Interpolator".
  • Set "Source" to the target surface mesh.
  • Set "Input" to the "Table To Points" output.
  • Click "Apply".

5. Visualize:

  • Click on the "Point Dataset Interpolator" output in the "Pipeline Browser".
  • The interpolated data should now be mapped onto the surface mesh.
  • Use ParaView's rendering and visualization options to create the desired visual representation.

More information about Stallion 3D can be found at: here 👉