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Watch this video to find out how to use Stallion 3D to analyze your OpenVSP models.

Stallion 3D is the Easiest and Most Cost Effective Solution for Aerodynamics Analysis of 3D Designs. It eliminates the grid generation step in the fluid dynamics analysis. The software imports your 3D design and accurately computes lift, drag and moments for both air and water analysis.





One Year Lease

$1,895 US


Perpetual License

$3,495 US


Stallion 3D requires Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.


With Stallion 3D, it does not take forever to find out facts about your project. Conceptual aerodynamics analysis is no longer limted to simple geometries and simple flowfields. This means that students can complete an interesting assigment within a week. Semester projects can be researched in a realistic learning scenario. Designers and engieers can know the workings of a concept before moving forward to the next stage.

Analysis of business jet on OpenVSP Hangar. Number of cells around 500,000
for conceptual analysis. Mach Number is 1.5 with Euler code. Image shows surface velocity.

Stallion 3D makes three-dimensional aerodynamics analysis and design automatic and straightforward for users who are not specialists in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). It features built-in design tools, .stl geometry import, automatic grid generation of complex surfaces and built-in graphics.

Analysis of car (file from turbosquid.com) on laptop computer.

Stallion 3D solves the compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes to analyze external aerodynamics problems for both low and high speed flows around any arbitrary 3D CAD geometry.

Analysis of Onera M6 wing from OpenVSP Hangar. Number of cells is around 500,000
for conceptual analysis. Mach Number is 0.84 with an angle of attack of 3.06 degrees. Image shows surface pressure.

Stallion 3D transforms the personal computer into a digital wind tunnel that enables engineers to perform experiments on their designs and quickly develop working prototypes.

Analysis of the Aerosonde UAV from OpenVSP Hangar. The flow is low speed air. Image shows surface pressure.

Easy Workflow

Stallion 3D features Fast Case Setup (Less than One Minute).

Step 1: Import the CAD geometry in .stl format

In this step, you can rotate or scale the geometry to match your inputs.

Step 2: Size the Simulation

Step 3: Enter the flow speed and angle of attack.

Step 4: Click the menu to generate the grid and solve the flow

Step 5: View the results

Flow Solvers

Stallion 3D solves the 3-D Euler or Navier-Stokes equations using an automatically generated cartesian grid. The grid detects the immersed boundaries and provides accurate solution without user intervention.

Features of Stallion 3D include:

  • 3-dimensional compressible Euler & Navier-Stokes equations using a finite-volume solver
  • 1st and 2nd order flux vector splitting
  • 4-stage Runge-Kutta time marching scheme using local time steps
  • Automatic cartesian grid generation for arbitrary multiple body placement.
  • Low and high speed solutions
  • Plots of pressure, Mach number, temperature & total pressure
  • Surface plots of Cp, Mach number, velocity ratio & temperature
  • Computation of overall lift, drag & moment coefficients about arbitrary locations on and off the bodies.
  • Computation of lift, drag & moment coefficient for each shape.


Workflow: Setup Stallion 3D in less than 1 minute.

Workflow/results: Setup & analyze a "rocket"

Transonic Tapered Wing Analysis, v =270 m/s, Angle of attack = 5 deg.

Onera M6 Wing Results"

Analyze a pickup truck. Add a wing.

Analyze a race car


3D Wings and Other Aerodynamic Surfaces
The built-in geometry creation tool can be used to generate and analyze wings and other lifting surfaces in subsonic, transonic and supersonic flow fields.  Click here for details (.pdf file).  Please click here to see transonic wing results.
Race Car Spoilers From CAD Models
Stallion 3D is the perfect tool to test wing and spoilers for race cars. The program saves time and money since testing of spoiler designs can be performed on the computer before building an expensive carbon fiber prototype.   Please click here to see examples.
UAVs and Other Aircraft
Stallion 3D can be used to analyze STL files of aircraft design and test for lift, drag, moments and other parameters. Please click the following link to learn more.
Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Stallion 3D can be used to analyze vertical axis wind turbines and other devices.  The program determines the aerodynamic forces and moments for any desired wind speed and direction.  This allows engineers to develop robust and cost effective wind energy systems. Please click the following link to learn more.
Other Applications
Stallion 3D make it easy to analyze a variety of geometries in subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows.  Please click here to see examples.






One Year Lease

$1,895 US


Perpetual License



Support & Service include help with geometry setup and aerodynamics solutions for the duration of the lease. Stallion 3D requires Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.


System Requirements
Stallion 3D requires a PC running either Windows XP, Vista ,Version 7 or Version 8.

Software Author
Patrick E. Hanley, Ph.D. More information.

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