Stallion 3D with HIST

UAV Aerodynamics

Stallion 3D is a unique software package that computes aerodynamics design parameters such as lift, drag and moments from three dimensional CAD models. It requires no user grid generation. Results from Stallion 3D match experiments. Engineers use Stallion 3D to design and test aircraft, UAVs, vehicles in ground effect, sails and sailboats, buildings and other objects. Stallion 3D runs on an ordinary PC or laptop under the Windows operating system. Stallion 3D is not powered by the cloud and there are no additional software or fees needed to obtain your results.

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Stallion 3D Eliminates the Grid Generation Bottleneck in CFD Analysis

Actual Geometry Analysis

Actual Geometry Analysis (AGA) eliminates the time spent to defeature your design. Stallion 3D analyzes your actual design even with small features such as nuts, bolts and logos.

Automatic Grid Generation

You do not have to generate the grid yourself with Stallion 3D. It is truly automatic. The HIST (Hanley Innovations Surface Treatment) finds your geometry and uses the most accurate and efficient algorithms and boundary solution in CFD.

Flow Physics

Stallion 3D solves the complete 3D compressible Euler equations, the laminar Navier-Stokes equations or the Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations to generate accurate aerodynamics parameters for your designs.

The Stallion Work Flow: Setup in Seconds

Import the geometry

Set the flow conditions

Setup the CFD

Generate Grid/Solve Flow

Integrated Tools and Solutions

3-D .STL File Import

3-D Wing Geometry Creation Tool (30 wings)

3-D Body of Revolution Creation Tool

Airfoil Analysis Tool

Built-in Post Processing

3D Compressible Euler Solver

3D Compressible Navier-Stokes Solver

3D Compressible RANS/k-epsilon Solver

Automatic Grid Generation

Quasi-steady Boundary Conditions

Validation with Experiments

Ahmed Body Experiment

The compressible Euler solver (for low speed flows) was used to analyze the Ahmed body geometry for validation of solutions for road vehicles and race cars (F1 for example). Read Article.

Onera M6 Wing

Stallion 3D receives excellent results for the inviscid analysis of the Onera M6 wing. The article shows comparisons made with experiments for two grid settings. Read Article.

Stallion 3D Subscription

Stallion 3D reqires a PC, Laptop or tablet running the 64bit versions of MS Windows 7, 8 or 10. A 4 core PC with with a clock speed of at leats 2 ghz is recommended. The subscription cost three months is $2,995 US.

Subscribe for 3 Months ($2,995 US)