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Accurate Aerodynamics and CFD Software
Stallion 3D removes the pain of grid generation. It provides accurate aerodynamics data for your aircraft, automobile and marine designs. The UAV (above) was analyze from a file from GrabCAD.com.


Stallion 3D is an All-In-One aerodynamics analysis software that performs computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis on 3D solid models. The workflow follows these four easy steps:
1. Input your design (eg. CAD Model of your UAV)
2. Size the Simulation (Quick to Detailed)
3. Set Flow Conditions
4. Get the Results (Lift, Drag and Aerodynamic Moments).

UAV CFD UAV Analysis
Need to analyze your new UAV design? This example shows how easy it is to compute the aerodynamics parameters of your UAV concepts. Just enter the 3D file on your PC to obtain lift, drag and moments.
Read Article. Watch video.

DLR F4 Wing Body CFD DLR F4 Wing-Body
Stallion 3D is the most efficient & accurate method for aerodynamics conceptual analysis on your MS Windows PC. Read about the results for the F4 wing body based on the 1st AIAA drag prediction workshop.
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Tractor CFD Tractor Analysis
Stallion 3D requires no special treatment to analyze a tractor in ground effect. It can be used to analyze a myriad of ground vehicles to determine downforce in close proximity to the groud.
Watch video.

onera m6 wing analysis Onera M6 Wing Analysis
Stallion 3D receives excellent results for the inviscid analysis of the Onera M6 wing. The article shows comparisons made with experiments for two grid settings.
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onera m6 wing analysis Analyze Thin Surfaces
Stallion 3D can analyze thin surfaces and other geometry features that might be difficult for other CFD software. This video show the results from a R/C car case analysis for aerodynamics efficiency.
Watch video.

No Expensive/Difficult Hardware Required
Stallion 3D runs on an ordinary desktop or laptop PC under Windows XP, 7, or 8/8.1 OS. Implementing a full-blow 3D CFD code on a PC eliminates the CPU cost of other options.

Easy Workflow

Stallion 3D features Fast Case Setup (Less than One Minute).

Step 1: Import the CAD geometry in .stl format

In this step, you can rotate or scale the geometry to match your inputs.

Step 2: Size the Simulation

Step 3: Enter the flow speed and angle of attack.

One Click Grid Generation and CFD Solution: Click the menu to generate the grid and solve the flow

Step 4: View the results

Flow Solvers

Stallion 3D solves the 3-D Euler or Navier-Stokes equations using an automatically generated cartesian grid. The grid detects the immersed boundaries and provides accurate solution without user intervention.

Features of Stallion 3D include:

  • 3-dimensional compressible Euler & Navier-Stokes equations using a finite-volume solver
  • 1st and 2nd order flux vector splitting
  • 4-stage Runge-Kutta time marching scheme using local time steps
  • Automatic cartesian grid generation for arbitrary multiple body placement.
  • Low and high speed solutions
  • Plots of pressure, Mach number, temperature & total pressure
  • Surface plots of Cp, Mach number, velocity ratio & temperature
  • Computation of overall lift, drag & moment coefficients about arbitrary locations on and off the bodies.
  • Computation of lift, drag & moment coefficient for each shape.


Stallion 3D workflow. Setup your analysis in seconds. No grid generation to worry about.

This video shows how to modify a design in OpenVSP and then analyze it in Stallion 3D.

Transonic Tapered Wing Analysis, v =270 m/s, Angle of attack = 5 deg.


Validation for the Onera M6 wing test case is performed using the Euler equations solver. Stallion 3D solves the problem with a coarse grid (440,000 cells) and a fine grid (1.6 million cells). This classic validation case is run at a Mach number of 0.84 and an angle of attack of 3.06 degrees.

CFD Software Analysis of Onera M6 Wing
Pressure on the surface of the wing.

Onera M6 Wing Cp at 20% span
Cp at 20% span.

Onera M6 Wing Cp at 44% span
Cp at 44% span.

Onera M6 Wing Cp at 65% span
Cp at 65% span.

Onera M6 Wing Cp at 90% span
Cp at 90% span.

Onera M6 Wing Cp at 95% span
Cp at 95% span.

The validations were performed with Stallion 3D running on Windows 7 (64 bit) laptop.


Purchase - Software, Support & Service




One Year Lease (Single Seat)

$24,000 US


Support & Service include help with geometry setup and aerodynamics solutions for the duration of the lease. Stallion 3D requires Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1.

Purchase - Software, Support & Service




One Year Lease (Single Seat)

$24,000 US


System Requirements
Stallion 3D requires a PC running either Windows XP, Vista ,Version 7 or Version 8.

Software Author
Patrick E. Hanley, Ph.D. More information.

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