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Discover the most accurate 2D and 3D Aerodynamics & CFD software solutions for desktops and laptops.

Stallion 3D

Accurate 3D aerodynamics & CFD software for Windows 11, 10 and 7. Built-in graphs and tables. Automatic grid generation.

3D CFD Software for Aerodynamics Analysis

Yearly Subscription $2,895 USD
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Design & analyze wings, hydrofoils & other 3D aerodynamic surfaces. Novel vortex lattice method computes CL, CM, CD & stability. Results in seconds.

Wing/Airplane Analysis Software

Yearly Subscription, $229 USD
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MultiElement Airfoils

Interactive design & analyze tool for flaps, slats, spoilers & interacting airfoil shapes. Features a huge airfoil library & custom import.

2D Airfoil Analysis Software

Yearly Subscription, $300 USD
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Airfoil Digitizer

Airfoil Digitizer converts images of airfoils from the Clipboard, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF to coordinates file in the DXF, UIUC and VisualFoil formats.

Convert airfoil image to DXF file

Perpetual License, $189 USD
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VisualFoil Plus

VisualFoil Plus has the capability to analyze airfoils in subsonic, transoinc and supersonic flows. VisualFoil Plus is currently available as a perpetual license.


Perpetual License, $189 USD
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The Aerodynamics Toolkit

The Aerodynamics Toolkit is a suite comprising of 3DFoil, MultiElement Airfoils (Lite Edition) and VisualFoil 5.0. It provides the tools needed for your rapid conceptual aerodynamics design and analysis.


Yearly Subscription, $395 USD
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Universities, Research Labs and Companies

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