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VisualFoil Plus is a powerful CFD simulation software for airfoil analysis. It solves the 2D compressible Euler equations and computes the lift, drag and moment coefficients for airfoils in subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows. VisualFoil Plus generates accurate aerodynamics data for experimental or existing airfoils where the information might be incomplete or unknown. VisualFoil Plus analyzes and selects airfoils for jet aircraft, propellers, silent UAV propellers, industrial machinery and other products. VisualFoil Plus has a library of 1000s of built-in airfoils which includes NACA 4, 5 & 6-digit airfoils. In addition, the user can enter custom airfoils for analysis and modify existing airfoil shapes.

VisualFoil Plus is no longer in production. It is currently available on clearance as a perpetual license. The price for the perpetual license is $189 US. We will continue to provide technical support for VisualFoil Plus up to one year after purchase.

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Flow Solvers

  • 2-dimensional compressible Euler equations using a finite-volume solver
  • 2nd order flux vector splitting
  • 4-stage Runge-Kutta time marching scheme using local time steps
  • Automatic o-grid generation
  • Linear strength vortex panel method for incompressible flow calculations
  • Coupled boundary layer solver for profile drag calculations
  • Contour plots of pressure, Mach number, temperature & total pressure
  • Surface plots of Cp, Mach number, velocity ratio & temperature


A poorly performing airfoil will result in a poorly performing wing and noisy propeller. If you are designing a wing or propeller for a UAV, light aircraft, or car, VisualFoil will provide the absolute best start for your project. VisualFoil Plus is used to determine the airfoil drag divergence Mach number that improves the performance of propellers and high speed aircraft designs.

Transonic Airfoil Analysis using CFD

Built-in CFD Tools and Solutions

2D Compressible Euler Solver

Linear-Strength Vortex Panel Solution

Accurate Stall Model

Click-to-Modify Airfoil Function

NACA 4, 5 & 6 Digit Airfoil Tool

Built-in UIUC Airfoil Database

Custom Airfoils (Text/DXF File Import)

Precision Airfoil Plotting Utility

Printable Airfoil Performance Report

Cp and Velocity Ratio Surface Plot

Cl, Cd & Cm versus Angle of Attack Plot

Lift/Drag Polar Plot

Plot of Flow Field Pressure

Airfoil Pressure Vector Plot

Streamline Plots

Flow Field Probe & Particle Trajectory

The Drag Divergence Mach Number

Visual Foil Plus can be used to compute the drag divergence Mach number for any airfoil shape using subsequent runs over a range Mach number. The above figure shows drag divergence for a NACA 0012 airfoil at zero angle of attack.

High Speed Blade Screening (PDF File)

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