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VisualFoil Plus is used by engineers and designers to compute the lift, drag and moment coefficients for airfoils in subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows. It generates accurate aerodynamics data for experimental or existing airfoils where the information might be incomplete or unknown. The software can analyze and select airfoils for aircraft, water craft, industrial machinery and other products. VisualFoilPlus produces graphs of lift, drag and moment coefficient versus angle of attack; surface pressure coefficient, velocity, Mach number and temperature. The software produces contour plots of pressure, Mach number, temperature and total pressure. VisualFoil Plus has a large library of built-in airfoils which includes NACA 4, 5 & 6-digit airfoils. In addition, the user can enter custom airfoils for analysis and modify existing airfoil shapes.

Benefits of VisualFoil Plus include:

  • Understand the behavior of airfoils used in the design of wings, helicopter blades, hydrofoils, fans, propellers and other equipment.
  • Reduce testing time and cost associated with high speed wind tunnels. VisualFoil's easy-to-use compressible flow solver tests airfoils in the transonic and supersonic flow regimes.
  • Enter and immediately analyze existing blade cross sections directly from your .DXF drawings
  • Understand and make critical design decision in transonic & supersonic flow regime.
  • Get a full CFD package that includes CAD input, grid generation, CFD solver and post processing tools. This is all done on your existing Windows PC.
  • Eliminate steep learning curve for new engineers & reduce training costs.
  • Share airfoil data & results across your entire department
  • Easy-to-use tool for designing more efficient wing & machine blade cross-sections.
  • Windows based interfaces requires little or no training.


VisualFoil Plus is a user-friendly tool for subsonic, transonic and supersonic airfoil analysis.  Features of the software include:

  • Custom airfoil editor with .DXF file input.  Software reads in line and arc entities.
  • Incompressible flow solver using vortex panel method coupled with boundary layer solver
  • Compressible flow solver based on Euler Equations
  • Built-in library of NACA 4, 5 & 6-digit airfoils
  • Custom airfoil analysis
  • Computes Cl, Cd & Cm
  • Stall Model
  • Built-in graphs
  • Built-in tables
  • Export tables to .csv files
  • Export airfoil to .dxf files
  • Airfoil plotting

Flow Solvers

VisualFoil Plus features two separate solvers.  It solves the Euler Equations to analyze airfoils in subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows.  It also features a linear strength vortex panel method for incompressible flows.

Compressible Flows

  • 2-dimensional compressible Euler equations using a finite-volume solver
  • 2nd order flux vector splitting
  • 4-stage Runge-Kutta time marching scheme using local time steps
  • Automatic o-grid generation
  • Coupled boundary layer solver for profile drag calculations
  • Contour plots of pressure, Mach number, temperature & total pressure
  • Surface plots of Cp, Mach number, velocity ratio & temperature

Incompressible Flows

  • Linear strength vortex panel method
  • Coupled boundary layer solver
  • Lift, drag & moment coefficient calculations
  • Prediction of transition & separation points
  • Stall & maximum lift prediction
  • Surface graphs of pressure & velocity ratio
  • Contour graphs of Cp
  • Graphs of Cl, Cd & Cm versus angle of attack
  • Graphs of Cl vs Cd.


The price for a single yearly license of VisualFoil Plus is $895.00 per year.
Program Name/Version Price Purchase Link
VisualFoil Plus

$895.00 US per year.

Purchase Plus for $895 per year.


Computer System Requirements
VisualFoil Plus is a stand-alone software package that requires a pentium based PC running Windows XP, Vista, Version 7 or 8.

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