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The airfoil shape sets the performance of your wing (or hydrofoil). An airfoil poorly chosen for its role will result in a poorly performing design. The airfoil shape is primarily responsible for range, endurance, pitching moment and other parameters related to stability and flying qualities. It is the secret to flight.

VisualFoil is a modern easy-to-use airfoil analysis and design software for Windows XP,7,8 & 10. VisualFoil quickly and inexpensively determines the airfoils for superior performing wings, spoilers, struts, hydrofoils, keels, rudders and other aerodynamic and support structures.

VisualFoil takes just seconds to analyze and compare the performance of airfoils. It is based on a linear strength vortex panel method coupled with it a boundary layer solver. It has the following features:

Computes Airfoil Cl, Cd and Cm

Angle of Attack Sweeps & Stall Model

Graphs Cl, Cd, Cl/CD & Cm vs. Angle

Computes Separation & Transition Points

Graphs Flow Field Cp

Interactive GUI

1000s of Built-in Airfoils

NACA Airfoil Generator

Exports Airfoil DXF

Exports Airfoil Data File

Plots Airfoil Shapes

Works on MS Windows 7, 8 & 10

VisualFoil is your best choice for designing wings with excellent performance and improving existing designs. VisualFoil requires a laptop, PC or tablet running under Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10.

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Airfoil Analysis and Design Software


VisualFoil 5 enables you to analyze your custom airfoil shapes on your Windows PC/Laptop. It also has a built-in library of NACA 4, 5 & 6-digit shapes and the airfoil in the UIUC database. The unique stall model predicts the maximum lift coefficient and angle of attack for maximum lift. The user interface features graphs, flow diagrams and tables that can be copied to other Windows software (such as MS Word Excel).

Flow Solvers

VisualFoil 5 is based on a linear-strength vortex panel method to solve the inviscid outer flow. This enables fast analysis on Windows laptops and tablets. The novel boundary layer solver accurately predicts transition, separation and stall. The program computes Cl, Cd and Cm for your custom airfoil shapes in addition the UIUC library and NACA 4, 5 and 6-digit airfoils.


A poorly performing airfoil will result in a poorly performing wing. If you are designing a wing for a UAV, light aircraft, or car, VisualFoil will provide the absolute best start for your project. The same is true for keels, rudders and hydrofoils. High endurance, range and speed capabilities demand high performance airfoils.

How to Choose the Best Airfoil Shape

Built-in Tools and Solutions

Linear-Strength Vortex Panel Solution

Accurate Stall Model

AirfoilDoctor (TM)- Lift & Drag Prediction

Click-to-Modify Airfoil Function

NACA 4, 5 & 6 Digit Airfoil Tool

Built-in UIUC Airfoil Database

Custom Airfoils (Text/DXF File Import)

Precision Airfoil Plotting Utility

Printable Airfoil Performance Report

Cp and Velocity Ratio Surface Plot

Cl, Cd & Cm versus Angle of Attack Plot

Lift/Drag Polar Plot

Plot of Flow Field Pressure

Airfoil Pressure Vector Plot

Streamline Plots

Flow Field Probe & Particle Trajectory

Validation with Experiments

NACA 0012

Comparison with Abbott & Von Donenhoff at Re=3M.
Circle-Experiment; Line- Software

NACA 2412

Comparison with Abbott & Von Donenhoff at Re=3M
Circle-Experiment; Line- Software

NACA 23012

Comparison with Abbott & Von Donenhoff at Re=3M.
Circle-Experiment; Line- Software

SD 7003, Re = 101,000

Comparison with UIUC Data.
Circle-Experiment; Line- Software

SD 7003, Re = 202,000

Comparison with UIUC Data.
Circle-Experiment; Line- Software

SD 7003, Re = 301,000

Comparison with UIUC Data.
Circle-Experiment; Line- Software

How Customers Use VisualFoil

"The slope of the lift curve is obtained by means of the ratio cl/a, using data obtained through a computer code for airfoil analysis, VisualFoil"

Aerodynamic Optimization of an UAV Design,AIAA 2005-7399, AIAA 5th Aviation Technology, Integration & Operations Conference, September 2005, Arlington, VA.

"The aerodynamic coefficients were calculated using the commercial CFD solver VisualFoil (Hanley, 2004)"

Analysis and simulation of a wind-electric battery charging system, International Journal of Energy Research Volume 30, Issue 8, pages 633–646, 25 June 2006

"The panel method Visual Foil used in Fig.6a is that of Dr. Patrick E. Hanley. This is the method used to find the airfoil in the patent application A/00551. "


"In order to obtain the power of a larger-size system, the lift and drag coefficients were calculated with VisualFoil (Hanley Innovations) software (cited above)."

US Patent: Oscillating fluid power generator, US 8657575 B2. Feb 25, 2014

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