Aerodynamics & CFD Analysis Software

Stallion 3D with HIST

3D CFD Software for Aerodynamics Analysis

Stallion 3D computes the lift, drag and aerodynamic moments for any CAD design using its compressible 3D Euler and Navier-Stokes (RANS) CFD solvers. Its unique automatic grid generation algorithm makes it the most accessible CFD analysis software available for design engineers. Stallion 3D analyzes the performance of airplanes, UAVs, cars and sailboats on your Windows laptop or workstation. More information.

MultiElement Airfoils

2D Airfoil Analysis Software

Determine the behavior of high-lift devices, bi-planes and tri-planes, wings in ground effect and airfoils in close proximity using this modern interactive tool. MultiElement Airfoils 5 solves the 2D compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations to provide accurate results within a few minutes. The software is ideal for automotive, aircraft and marine applications. More information.

MultiSurface Aerodynamics

Wing/Airplane Analysis Software

MultiSurface Aerodynamics analyzes and design 3D wing, hydrofoils and other complex shapes using a novel vortex-lattice approach. The software automatically determines the neutral point location for multiple lifting surfaces and computes the longitudinal and lateral stability derivatives. More information.


Wing/Airplane Analysis Software

VisualFoil 5.0 is a modern and easy-to-use airfoil analysis and design software. Users analyze and test the performance of their custom designs and quickly determine the best cross section shapes for wings, spoilers, struts, hydrofoils, keels and rudders. The VisualFoil NACA subscription starts at $49 and provides shapes and analysis for NACA 4, 5 & 6 digit airfoils. More information.

How to Analyze a Small UAV

Stallion 3D Tutorials

How to Analyze a Cessna 182

Cessna 182 CFD Analysis

Click here to learn the exact steps needed to analyze a Cessna 182 aircraft using Stallion 3D 4.0.

How to Analyze a BWB Aircraft

HL-20 CFD Analysis

Click here to learn the exact steps needed to analyze a blended wing body (BWB) using Stallion 3D 4.0.

The Latest News from Hanley Innovations

Hanley Innovations was mentioned in the July Issue of Desktop Engineering. Read more.

A recent NASA report used Stallion 3D to determine the stability of CubeSats during planetary entry missions. Download PDF report.

We presented at the OpenVSP Worshop 2015 on August 12, 2015. Thanks for attending. Read more. View the presentation.