Accurate Aerodynamics & CFD Software for Your PC

Analyze before building expensive prototypes.

3D CFD Software for Aerodynamics Analysis

Stallion 3D with HIST

Analyze your actual 3D airplane, UAV, car or marine designs using a RANS CFD solution. Stallion 3D requires no user grid generation. Setup cases in seconds via HIST. All-in-one solution on your MS Windows laptop or workstation.

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2D Airfoil Analysis Software

MultiElement Airfoils

Analyze flaps, spoilers & ground effect using CFD. Quickly determine airfoil shapes, gaps & angles for best performance. Automatic grid generation for multiple airfoil configuration. Ideal for high-lift, F1, FSAE & racing.

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Wing/Airplane Analysis Software

MultSurface Aerodynamics

Design & analyze efficient airfoils, wings, sails and hydrofoils for aircraft & marine applications. Calculate lift, drag, moments, longitudinal & lateral stability derivatives. These components set the performance of your design.

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Wing/Airplane Analysis Software

Visual Foil 5

VisualFoil enables you to pick the most efficient airfoil shapes for wings, propellers, keels, hydrofoils, car spoilers and struts. Compare, plot & export airfoils to DXF files. Ideal for aircraft, automobile & marine designs.

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The best solution for airfoils, wings and complete aircraft analysis.

Cessna 182 CFD Analysis

Click here to learn the exact steps needed to analyze a Cessna 182 aircraft using Stallion 3D 4.0.

Get the best airfoil shape using VisualFoil. Watch video.

Wing Spoiler Analysis

Click here to watch the exact steps needed to design and analyze a rear wing spoiler for a sports car using Stallion 3D Version 4.0.

The Latest News from Hanley Innovations

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A recent NASA report used Stallion 3D to determine the stability of CubeSats during planetary entry missions. Download PDF report.

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