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The Aerodynamics Toolkit is a compilation of Lite Versions of our most popular software packages onto a single disk. Our goal is to give you all the tools needed to make you competitive in the business of aerodynamics conceptual analysis and design.  Professionals and students will find this package indispensable as an analysis, design and reference tool throughout their academic and professional careers.

The Aerodynamics Toolkit contains:
MultiElement Airfoils - Lite
VisualFoil 5.0
Science Graphs Plus

Perpetual License

3DFoil version 3.1
A lite version of MultiSurface Aerodynamics (with 4 surfaces instead of 30). 3DFoil does not contain the body of revolution. All other features of the full version of MultiSurface Aerodynamics remain intact in 3DFoil. More information.

AeroTrajectorytm (Now integrated into 3DFoil)
AeroTrajectory can predict the 2-D path or trajectory of flying objects given launch speed, direction and weight of the projectile. It can accurately compute range, flight time, drop, midway height and other facts about the object's trajectory.  Computations are performed on your Windows notebook or desktop PC in a matter of seconds.

MultiElement Airfoils - Lite
MultiElement Airfoils (Lite Edition) is a lite version of MultiElement Airfoils 4.1. This version of the software does not solve the compressible Euler & Navier-Stokes Solutions. It is essentially a potential flow solver coupled with a boundary layer analysis. More information.

Science Graphs Plus
This is a graphing package for line graphs and 2-dimensional functions. The software can also solve non-linear ordinary differential equations. More information.

VisualFoil 5.0
VisualFoil 5.0 is a single airfoil analysis and library tool for Windows XP/Vista. The software contains NACA 4, 5 & 6 digit generation tools as well as the UIUC airfoils library. VF 5.0 also reads in .dxf files and custom airfoil coordinates. More information.

The Aerodynamics Toolkit allows you to perform the following analysis and design functions:

Isolated and Multi-Element Airfoil Analysis & Design

  • Accurate analysis using a linear strength vortex panel method
  • Coupled boundary layer solver to compute profile drag.
  • Airfoil analysis and re-design. Watch 3DFoil demo.
  • Lift, drag & moment coefficient calculations.
  • Prediction of transition & separation points to demonstrate the validity of your calculations.
  • Stall & maximum lift prediction
  • Surface graphs of pressure  coefficient & velocity ratio for clear explanations of the boundary layer behavior.
  • Beautiful color contour graphs of the pressure coefficient for your reports and presentations.
  • Custom graphs of Cl, Cd & Cm versus angle of attack that you can use in your homework assignments and final reports
  • Multiple graphs of Cl vs Cd for explaining why you picked one airfoil over the other.
  • Custom airfoil editor with .DXF file input.  Software reads in line and arc entities.
  • Built-in library of NACA 4, 5 & 6-digit airfoils
  • Custom airfoil analysis

Three-Dimensional Wing and Airplane Stability Analysis

  • Analyse and design tapered wings (up to four independent surfaces). Watch demo.
  • Perform static stability analysis.
  • Compute roll, pitch & yaw moments due to roll rate.
  • Design & analyze keel & rudders. Watch demo. Read tutorial.
  • Triangular sail analysis and design. Watch demo.
  • Compare the performance of different keel designs. Watch demo.
  • 3-DOF flight analysis.Watch demo.
  • It's a snap to create & analyze wings in the new 3DFoil/MSA 3.1. Watch demo.
  • Input CAD drawings of airfoil sections
  • Cavitation screening
  • 3D output in the form of .stl files

Trajectory Calculations

  • Graph of Y vs. X (Range vs. Height)
  • Graph of X vs. Time
  • Graph of Y vs. Time
  • Graph of the Horizontal Speed vs. Time
  • Graph of the Vertical Speed vs. Time
  • Graph of the Resultant Speed vs. Time
  • Graph up to 100 Trajectory Curves

Mathematics and Graphing Functions

  • Use the equation editor to enter and plot numerical solutions of first order non-linear ordinary differential equations of the form y'=G(x,y).

  • Use the equation editor to enter and plot numerical solutions of second order non-linear ordinary differential equations of the form y''=G(x,y,y').

  • Numerically Solve and Graph:  y' = f(x,y) 
  • Numerically Solve and Graph:  y'' = f(x,y,y' )
  • Numerically Solve and Graph:  x' = f(x,y,t); y' = g(x,y,t) 
  • Numerically Solve and Graph:  x'' = f(x,x',y,y',t); y'' = g(x,x',y,y',t)
  • Graph Contour and Surface: Z = F(x,y)
  • Graph Contour and Surface: Z = F(R, Th)
  • Graph Contour and Surface from Disk File
  • Graph Equation: y = f(x)
  • Graph Equation: x = f(t); y=g(t)
  • Fit Data to a Straight Line
  • Fit Data to a Polynomial (up to 20th Order)
  • Compute Mean and Variance of X and Y Data
  • Graph up to 100 Curves

Airfoil Library, Plotting and CAD Drawings

  • Read in the coordinates of your custom airfoil that you designed specifically for your general aviation airplane, rudder, spoiler or propeller. The program import text files or drawings in the .DXF file format (line and arc entities).
  • Generate all NACA 4-Digit and 4-Digit Modified Airfoils. With the NACA generator, you can set the thickness, camber location and magnitude. You can create numerous airfoils for testing and experimentation.
  • Generate the NACA 5-Digit family of airfoils.Create NACA 210XX, 220XX, 23XXX, 240XX, 250XX, NACA 211XX, 221XX, 231XX, 241XX and 251XX series airfoils. This generator gives you a different family of airfoil for experimentation.
  • Generate NACA 6-Digit family of airfoils. With the NACA generator, you can select and generate NACA 63-XXX, 64-XXX, 65-XXX, 66-XXX, 63AXXX, 64AXXX, 65AXXX airfoils.
  • Analyze any of the airfoil in the UIUC airfoil database. The database contains Selig, SD, MH and Eppler airfoils amongst others.
  • Export  single airfoils to .DXF file for use in a CAD program.
  • Export single airfoil coordinates to ASCII file.
  • Plot single airfoils to any dimension using your windows support printer.  This is useful for constructing plans for building wings and hydrofoils.
  • Copy  a high resolution screen shot of all your graphs for inclusion in your reports and presentations.

Computer System Requirements
The Aerodynamics Toolkit requires PC running Windows XP or Vista.  It will install and run on both 32 and 64 bit versions of the operating systems.

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