AirfoilDigitizer Tutorial

Watch the video to learn how to obtain airfoil ordinates from an image/picture file

AirfoilDigitizer is a software package for extracting airfoil data files from images. The software accepts images in the jpg, gif, bmp, png and tiff formats. Airfoil data is exported as AutoCAD DXF files (line entities), UIUC airfoil database format and Hanley Innovations VisualFoil Format.

Advantages of AirfoilDigitizer

  • Scan reports, text books and journals and use Airfoil Digitizer to extract the airfoil coordinates from the illustrations.
  • Get the coordinates of airfoils on from pictures on websites
  • Take screen pictures of your CAD drawings and easily convert them to airfoil coordinates in ASCI format

How a customer used Airfoil Digitizer

    "… These cross sections are imported to an airfoil digitizer, from which we obtain coordinates for the cross sections. These coordinates are then imported to Gmsh, which is an open-source …"
    Syed AA, Moshtaghzadeh M, Hodges DH, Mardanpour P. "Aeroelasticity of Flying-Wing Aircraft Subject to Morphing: A Stability Study". AIAA Journal. 2022 Sep;60(9):5372-85.

Easy to install & use Windows App

AirfoilDigitizer requires a PC, Laptop or tablet running 7, 8, 10 or 11. The price of AirfoilDigitizer is $189 USD.

Purchase perpetual license for $189 USD)

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