CFD for Accurate Preliminary Aerodynamic Analysis

Quickly verify your aircraft design with just your laptopđŸ“ē

The above tutorial uses Stallion 3D to analyze an airplane design on just a laptop. Generally, you can use any CAD package to create your design. In this example, we use NASA OpenVSP. Export your design in ASCII format for compatibility with Stallion 3D.

The video tutorial instructs how to:

  • Export the OpenVSP geometry for Stallion 3D
  • Import the geometry into Stallion 3D
  • Create the computational domain
  • Set the simulation size
  • Set the boundary conditions for the computation
  • Set the far field velocity and angle of attack
  • Generate the grid and start the flow solver
  • View the solution and export data

More information about Stallion 3D can be found at: here 👉