CFD Analysis of UAVs on your PC

UAV Aerodynamics

Although UAV conceptual aerodynamics analysis is for the most part similar to that of manned aircraft, some designs requirements are unique for high altitude, long-endurance vehicles or HALE UAVs (Global Hawk, for example) or small reconnaissance vehicles (the AV Puma, for example). Stallion 3D has built-in capabilities and features that makes it an ideal aerodynamics analysis & design tool for conventional or unconventional unmanned aerial vehicles.

Stallion 3D is an aerodynamics conceptual & preliminary design and analysis software for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) wings and control surfaces. Improved designs start with efficient airfoils and wings optimized for low drag, high endurance and low visibility.

Stallion 3D is a necessity to optimize your aircraft performance.

Increased Flight Endurance

Maximum Range

Increased Lift

Reduced Drag

How to Analyze a Small UAV

Benefits of Stallion 3D

DrivAer Model CFD Analysis

Start your analysis immediately. Enter new design concepts from your favorite CAD package into your PC and get immediate feedback about the feasibility of the design.

No advance knowledge of aerodynamics or mathematics needed for conceptual or preliminary analysis.

DrivAer Model CFD Analysis

Stallion 3D provide accurate results. You will reduce time in wind tunnel and flight test.

Stallion 3D has a familiar Windows user interface. The software accurately computes the lift, drag and moments generated by your designs.

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