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Stallion 3D Car Simulation: No More Grid Generation Hassles. Import Your 3D CAD Design and Analyze the Flows Directly on Your PC. Watch Race Car Demo. Buy Stallion 3D.

Race Car Aerodynamics & Design Software
Stallion 3D is an aerodynamics conceptual analysis & design software packages that makes it possible to analyze the aerodynamics performance of complete vehicles, wings, ground effect devices and other chassis components on your desktop (or laptop) PC. The software enables you to quickly design and analyze new configurations for rear wings, front wings (in ground effect) and other systems that will improve the speed and safety of high performance cars. Our goal is to help you to improve the overall aerodynamics performance of your car by using our state of the art virtual protyping & testing tools.


  • Stallion 3D imports a CAD drawing of your car in the .stl file format, automatically generates a grid and computes the downforce.
  • Determine the best vehicle configurations on the computer instead of the time consuming process of building molds, testing and tweaking
  • Save money by computing the overall vehicle performance before building costly prototypes
  • Design custom wings for specific vehicles and track conditions and then test the entire vehicle on the computer.
  • Design new wings in minutes using Stallion 3D built-in wing editor. Brainstorm with colleagues and get results on the computer
  • Make changes to existing car configurations and assess the benefits on your desktop computer.
  • Share design & design ideas with colleagues & team members
  • Manufacture working prototypes directly from the CAD file output
  • Software is easy-to-use and learn thus avoiding steep learning curves and other barriers to success.


Analyze a pickup truck with Stallion 3D. Add a wing.

Analyze a race car using Stallion 3D

Race Car Spoiler Aerodynamics

Stallion 3D can be used to test and improve your wing designs. See rear wing spoiler examples.

Online Tutorials and Demos
How to analyze a race car with Stallion 3D.

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MultiElement Airfoils. Stallion 3D.  Other software. Purchase software.

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We provide technical support by email or telephone to get you started with your wing design and analysis. Click here to contact for more information about our products and services.

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