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CFD Analysis using Stallion 3D
Stallion 3D CFD analysis of Grumman F4F Wildcat model from NASA's OpenVSP Hangar.

Airfoil Analysis Software
VisualFoil 5.0  
VisualFoil 5.0 shares the same modern interface as VisualFoil Plus with a built-in airfoil modification tool and the new custom airfoil editor that reads in .dxf files. The software uses an accurate linear strength vortex panel analysis routine to compute lift, profile drag and moment coefficient for isolated airfoil sections. VisualFoil 5.0 generates graphs of Cl & Cm vs angle of attack and Cl vs Cd. VisualFoil 5.0 produces contour plots of pressure coefficient and streamlines. It  has a large library of built-in airfoils which includes NACA 4, 5 & 6-digit airfoils. In addition, the user can enter custom airfoils. They can analyze and modify existing airfoil shapes. More information
MultiElement Airfoils (Lite Edition)
MultiElement AirfoilsTM (Lite Edition) is a unique software package for computing the lift, drag and moment coefficients for multiple interacting airfoil shapes. The software is designed to increase your productivity in aerodynamics conceptual design and analysis. It is the fastest and most flexible package around for analyzing 2-D flows with multiple airfoils and bodies. The Interactive AirfoilEditor™ allows users to place objects in the flow, move them around with the mouse and and generate an instant solution. You can also change the airfoil type, size, camber, thickness and orientation to quickly generate multiple test cases. . More information.

Wing Design and Analysis Software
3DFoil is a lite version of MultiSurface Aerodynamics, and is an extremely powerful software packge for 3-dimensional wing design and analysis. It can accurately compute lift, drag and moment coefficients for airfoil sections, 3-D wings, tailplanes, canards, keels and hydrofoils. It produces interactive graphs, tables and exports CAD files of wings and airfoil shapes
. More information.
uav design and analysis MultiSurface Aerodynamics
Aerodynamics conceptual design is easy and fast with MultiSurface Aerodynamics 3.1. Find out how you can quickly & accurately simulate wings, keels, airfoils & fuselage for airplanes, sailboats, UAVs, sailplanes & other vehicles.  More information.

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Stallion 3D  
Stallion 3D is an easy-to-use compressible flow analysis software package that reads in your 3D CAD file (.stl format) and performs a CFD analysis on your design. Grid generation is completely automatic. The software computes aerodynamics forces & moments, streamlines and surface graphs of the pressure, velocity, Mach number and temperature. More information.
MultiElement Airfoils
MultiElement Airfoils 4.1 is a turnkey CFD application for multiple airfoil analysis and design. Grid generation is automatic and requires limited user input. The software can be used to solve the compressible Euler & Navier-Stokes Solutions. More information.
VisualFoil Plus  
VisualFoil Plus solves the compressible Euler equations to produce lift and drag data for isolated airfoils in subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows. The software produces contour plots of pressure, Mach number, temperature and total pressure. VisualFoil Plus has a large library of built-in airfoils which includes NACA 4, 5 & 6-digit airfoils. In addition, the user can enter custom airfoils for analysis and modify existing airfoil shapes. More information

Combination Packages
Aerodynamics Toolkit
The Aerodynamics Toolkit is a compilation of Lite Versions of our most popular software packages onto a single disk. Our goal is to give you all the tools needed to make you competitive in the business of aerodynamics conceptual analysis and design.  Professionals and students will find this package indispensable as an analysis, design and reference tool throughout their academic and professional careers. More information.

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