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Stallion 3D saves time and money in designing and analyzing race car spoiler models. Simply produce a 3D solid model of your prototype and test it immediately in Stallion 3D. The program automatically does all the necessary pre- and post processing of the numerical data. You are required only to enter the geometry, speed and angle of attack. Stallion 3D computes the lift, drag and moment coefficients. This allows you to determine the best performing spoiler before the expensive process of producing a carbon fiber prototype. The following spoilers were all analyzed in the sofware on the same day using an ordinary computer using Windows XP (the solid models were obtained from TurboSquid.com for this demonstration).

The first example is a thin rear spoiler made from a thin sheet of metal or carbon fiber.

Stallion 3D uses a unique ghost cell method to analyze very thin surfaces. The solution shows that the thin surface does not pose a problem for the software.  It accurately computes and displays the pressure on all surfaces of the spoiler.

The next example is a tri-plane spoiler.  

Stallion 3D automatically grids the complex shapes and perform the computations.  The figure shows pressure on the surface of the spoiler.

The third spoiler has a relatively high aspect ratio.

The grid shows that the software is able to capture the features of the model and compute the pressure on the wing surface and the struts.

The final example is a bi-plane wing made of a sheet of metal or carbon fiber.

The software automatically grids this complex shape and compute the pressure.  The figure also shows the streamlines at the tip of the spoiler.

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