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Science Graphs
Science Graphs is useful for algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics, differential equations and engineering. It can also be used to graph up to 1,000 x-y data points from an ASCII file. In addition, the software allows you to solve differential equations, graph color contour curves of 2-dimensional data generated by equations and contour structured data saved as text files. It has a number of features for displaying the contour graph and the data grid.

Perpetual License $49.


The following are standard features of  Dr. Hanley's Science Graphs software.

  • Graph Contour and Surface: Z = F(x,y)
  • Graph Contour and Surface: Z = F(R, Th)
  • Graph Contour and Surface from Disk File
  • Graph Contour Plot of Pressure, Density, Velocity Data Defined on a Conforming (x,y) Grid.
  • Display Contours and Grid Together
  • Display Contours and Grid Independently.
  • Display Wireframe Surface
  • Display Smoothly Shaded Surface
  • Numerically Solve and Graph:  y' = f(x,y) 
  • Numerically Solve and Graph:  y'' = f(x,y,y' )
  • Numerically Solve and Graph:  x' = f(x,y,t); y' = g(x,y,t) 
  • Numerically Solve and Graph:  x'' = f(x,x',y,y',t); y'' = g(x,x',y,y',t)
  • Enter and Graph Data Points with Built-in Editor
  • Graph Data Points From Disk (up to 1000)
  • Graph Data  Points from Clipboard (up to 1000)
  • Graph Equation: y = f(x)
  • Graph Equation: x = f(t); y=g(t)
  • Fit Data to a Straight Line
  • Fit Data to a Polynomial (up to 20th Order)
  • Compute Mean and Variance of X and Y Data
  • Graph up to 100 Curves
  • Delete Unwanted Curves
  • Change Curve Colors and Symbols
  • Change Background and Border Colors
  • Change Label and Text Colors
  • Add Text, Ovals, Rectangles and Arrows to your Graph
  • Create Linear-Linear, Linear-Log, Log-Linear and Log-Log X-Y Axes
  • Proportional Scaling; Circles are Circular & Squares are Square
  • Automatic or Manual Scaling
  • Zooming
  • Export Data to a Disk File
  • Copy Data to the Clip Board
  • Export Graph to a .BMP File
  • Copy Graph to the Clipboard so you can Import to Reports and Presentations
  • Save Your Work for Later


  • Use the equation editor to create and graph polynomials and other nonlinear functions.

  • Use the calculator tool to estimate the roots of functions.

  • Use the calculator tool to estimate the (x) value of a graph for a given (y) value.

Graphs of:  x^3-x^2-3x-2 and Sin(6*x)

  • Use the equation editor to enter and graph sin, cos, tan and other trigonometric functions x.

  • Enter and graph parametric equations for x and y. For example, enter x=cos(th); y=sin(th) to graph the unit circle.

  • Use the proportional scaling function to display circular circles and not oval circles.

Graph of: x=Cos(th)*Sin(2*th); y=Sin(th)*Sin(2*th)

  • Use the equation editor to enter and plot the derivative of an arbitrary function of x.

  • Use the equation editor to enter and plot the integral of an arbitrary function of x.

  • Use the calculator tools to integrate and differentiate graphed data points.

  • Use the calculator tools to find the definite integral of a curve between two limits.

Graphs of: Sin(x) and d(Sin(x))/dx

Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Use the equation editor to enter and plot numerical solutions of first order non-linear ordinary differential equations of the form y'=G(x,y).

  • Use the equation editor to enter and plot numerical solutions of second order non-linear ordinary differential equations of the form y''=G(x,y,y').

Solutions of: y''= y,  y''=-.4y'-y
and y''=-.8y'-y


The following figures show the use of  Science Graphs for graphing contours from arbitrary 2-Dimensional functions. Here, the application is aerodynamics, but the software can be used to plot contours for equations for any discipline.

Doublet Flow: 1/R*Sin(Th)

Circular Cylinder:-10*R*Sin(Th) + 1/R*Sin(Th)

Corner Flow: X*Y

Vortex Near Wall: Ln((X^2+(Y-.502)^2/(X^2+(Y+.502)^2)))

3-Dimensional Surfaces
Science Graphs Plus can generate plots of 3-Dimensional surfaces entered as equations or data. The following are graphs of the equation Z=Cos(4*R).

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computation Fluid Dynamics
  • Import and plot contour data on a conforming structured grid.

  • Display various combinations of the grid and data.

  • Use the equation editor to plot contours or 2-D functions in (x,y) or polar coordinates.

Pseudospectral solution of viscous flow past a circular cylinder.

Sale! Single Perpetual License:  Price $49. Buy CD Online
ScienceGraphs Plus is also available as a component of the Aerodynamics Toolkit CD.

System Requirements
Dr. Hanley's Science Graphs requires a PC running under Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

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