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Paraglider Design & Analysis

MultiSurface Aerodynamics is your personal desktop wind tunnel software for analyzing paragliders, parasails, kites and hang gliders. MultiSurface Aerodynamics uses state of the art computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology to provide accurate lift and drag data for your wing and airfoil designs. The software allows designers to insert different airfoils at various stations and setup multiple anhedral angles to accurately simulate the flying shape of a paraglider canopy. MultiSurface enables manufacturers to test new wings on the computer and immediately pick the best ones for further development. This speeds up and improves the product design and evaluation process.

Benefits of MultiSurface Aerodynamics
Test new wing designs on the computer to quickly determine lift & drag data.
Analyze and compare airfoils shapes used for canopy design.
Easily size wing span and chord dimensions to optimize lift and drag.
The software has a familiar Windows user interface. MultiSurface Aerodynamics is an easy-to-use software package.

MultiSurface Aerodynamics Features
Airfoil analysis of moderate (~100 K) to high Reynolds number flows. See here for example ...
Airfoil analysis to predict transition and flow separation.
Isolated wing analysis (for high and low aspect ratio wings)
Analysis of wings with varying degree of dihedral and twist
Analysis of nonplanar lifting systems such as winglets and multiple dihedral planforms. 
Longitudinal stability analysis and computation of stability derivatives for self-stabilizing wings. 
Seamless integration of airfoil characteristics and data into 3-D lifting surface analysis.
Modify your existing kites, paragliders & parasails.
Generation of .STL output file for rapid protyping or inclusion in popular CAD software. 
Printout of actual sized airfoil templates for wing construction. (This feature is ideal for prototyping flying models)

MultiSurface Online Demos
See how easy it is to analyze a paraglider with MultiSurface Aerodynamics.  Watch demo.

How to Purchase MultiSurface Aerodynamics
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