SmockSoft  3.0: On-Line Demo Examples

Welcome and thank you for viewing the following examples.

Demo examples are approximately 4 times slower than when actually using SmockSoft 3.0.  Stitches and embellishments are normally instantly added on-screen during actual use of the program.

Demo Titles
Purple Plate- Ducks Out -1904 Edwardian Boy - Apple, Apple.. - Nevis - Pretty Pink Plate - Pretty Plate 2Honeycomb Stitch - Van Dyke Stitch

"Purple Plate"
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Simple geometric plate showing different designs using the same Trellis Wave size.
Features: Smart Edit to delete misaligned Trellis Wave / Grid and Background Color Changed / Bold for Trellis Waves / Grid overlay removed for final look
Cable Line / Trellis Steps
Modified 5 and 3 petal Flowers / French Knot for Flower Center

"Ducks Out"
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Resizing Capabilities for making smaller baby ducks.
/ Ability to re-color Cable Line eliminates the step of eraseing the original line / Mirror Image for small duck.
Cable Line / Medium Size Free Style Stitch
Pink Bow for the Mom's hat and girl duck
/ Modified Flower for the hat / Beads for dandelions and eyes

"1904 Edwardian Boy"
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Smocking Level: Challenging
Proportional graph of image is ready to print-out in seconds / Automatic Smocking Instructions locates every stitch and matches the DMC colors found in the original painting / Ability to resize the imported image if needed for final look / Ability to enlarge graph for easier viewing

"Apple, Apple, One for Teacher and One for Me"
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Imported image proportional copied and graphed in a few seconds.
Features: Imported image graphed in seconds / Copy feature
Stitches: Cable Line used for borders

Please click here to begin Demo.
copy feature quickly graphs a combination geometric plate.
Features: Copy Feature for faster graphing / Trellis Waves
Embellishments: Modified 5 Petal Flower / Beads

"Pretty Pink Plate"  
 Please click here to begin Demo.
Bold feature to enhance the medium sized Bullion Roses /  Smart Edit removed the 5-petal flowers from under the Pearls without disturbing the remainder of the design. / Color-over Trellis Wave with Trellis Line Function-no need to erase trellis stitch.
Left Feather Stitching to border the design. / Modified 4 Step Trellis row / Cable Lines to border the design.
Pearls / Lazy Daisy Leaves in small green color / Bullion Rose in pink color.

"Pretty Pink Plate 2"  
 Please click here to begin Demo.
Rows shortened to 5 Rows /
Bold for the crossover effect on the second row of Trellis / Grid color changed to read graph clearer / Background color changed to represent color of fabric  / Smart Edit changed the Beads and Flower colors without disturbing the other Stitches on the graph
2 Modified Trellis Stitch sizes
Beads and Flowers / Customized 5-petal Lazy Daisies /

"Honeycomb Stitch"
Please click here to begin Demo.
Honeycomb Stitch Line Function demonstrated on-screen.
Features: Enlarged screen to show composition of the Honeycomb Stitch / Changed Grid to Pleats Only
Stitch: Honeycomb: Full Row Stitch Size / Half  Row Size

"Van Dyke Stitch"
Please click here to begin Demo.
Van Dyke Stitch Line Function demonstrated on-screen.
Features: Enlarged screen to show composition of the Van Dyke Stitch
Stitch: Van Dyke Stitch in Half Row and Full Row

Also: Perpetual Paper for Smocking On-Line Demo 

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