Perpetual Paper for Smocking

Perpetual Paper is Your Source for an Endless Supply of Smocking Graph Paper!

Instantly Print Proportional Line and Cable Graph Paper
for Geometric Smocking and Picture Smocking Designs
Select Pleats, Rows, Magnification Levels, Stitches per Row and More!
Customized Printer-Quality Graph Smocking Paper at Home!

Price 19.95 US

Animated On-line Demo - Quick Tips


Features for Perpetual Paper for Smocking
Row - Pleat - Numbering - Holding Row - Center Point Printing - Also - System Requirements

Customized Row Features:
Select up to 40 Rows On-Screen
4 Stitches per Row for Cable Smock Graph
5 Stitches per Row for Cable Smock Graph

Customized Pleat Features:
Select up to 300 Pleats for Graph Paper
Tile Paper for Mural-sized Smocking Projects Designs

Row Numbering Features:
Print Row Numbers on Paper
Delete Row Numbers on Paper
Number the Rows in Reverse on Paper
Number the Rows in Order on the Paper

Holding Row Features:
Insert Top Holding Row on Graph Paper
Delete Top Holding Row on Graph Paper
Insert Bottom Holding Row on Graph Paper
Delete Bottom Holding Row on Graph Paper

Center Point Features:
Automatically Adds Center Point Determined by Number of Pleats
Delete Center Point on Graph Paper
Add Center Point on Graph Paper

Printing Details:
Graphs are Printed-out on a Home Printer - no extra equipment needed
Graphs are Printer-Quality
Graphs Print Horizontal
Graphs Print Vertically

All Printed Material is Proportional
Magnification Levels of 125%, 150%, 175% and 200 % for Graphs
Select all Commands in One area of the Screen
Help File

System Requirements:
Either Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP

 Two Quick Tips for Making Picture Smocking Plates

1. Let your Printer Graph Your Picture Smocking Plate

  1. Pick a design.  Let's use a duck in this example.

  2. Place your duck design on a sheet of copy paper.

  3. Place the sheet of paper with the duck in your printer.

  4. Select "cable paper" and "100% " magnification level on the Perpetual Paper for Smocking screen.

  5. The printer will begin to feed the paper with the duck through it.

  6. Your Duck comes out the printer with a cable grid on it! It took just a few moments to make a proportional accurate picture plate.

2.. Super-Clear Smocking Graph Paper

  1. Purchase transparencies used in overhead projectors for less than a   dollar each from a local office supply store.

  2. Insert a transparency in your printer and select "cable graph" on the Perpetual Paper for Smocking screen. 

  3. The printer will print out a flawless sheet of super-clear cable picture  graph paper.

  4. Place cable graphed transparency over your design and begin to color your design.
     No need to peek under the transparency to make sure you are tracing correctly since you can see through it!
    Also: The flexibility and clarity of the paper will allow you to quickly graph a smocked image from a source that may not be easily photographed or necessarily flat.
    For example, a favorite flowered design on a fireplace mantle, chest or post of an antique canopy bed can now realistically be reproduced, graphed and picture smocked.

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