SmockSoft Feature Chart

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Automatic Smocking Instructions including the Location of every Stitch and Embellishment
Smart Edit tm -Delete and Change Colors of Embellishments and Stitches Instantly
Customize up to 300 Pleats
Customize  up to 39 Rows
All smocking Plates are Proportional regardless of Row and Pleat numbers
2 Graphic Style Options for Geometric Smocking-Picture Cable Look and/or Geometric Cable Look
Active On-screen Help System
Print Smocking Plate Horizontal
Print Smocking Plate Vertical
Save Smocking Plate Designs
Recall Smocking Plate Designs
Bold Feature Enriches Embellishments and Geometric Stitches

Graph Imported Images into Proportional smocked designs regardless of Pleat and Row Numbers
Mirror Design to the Right Side
Mirror Design to the Left Side
Mirror Design Upside Down
Cut/Copy/Paste/Move Design around On-Screen
Enlarge Imported Image 5 Sizes
Shrink Imported Image 5 Sizes
Enlarge Imported Images Actual, Half or Double Sizes
Shrink Imported Images Actual, Half or Double sizes
Built-in Adjustable Triangle Shape
Built-in Adjustable Star Shape
Built-in Adjustable Circle/Oval Shapes
Built-in Adjustable Square/Rectangle Shapes

Cable Singular Stitch Function
Cable Stitch Line Function
Trellis -Choice of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Steps for Waves
Modify Trellis Steps Height
Left Half-Cable Stitch
Right Half-Cable Stitch
Right Single Trellis Stitch
Left Single Trellis Stitch
Outline Stitch Singular Function
Outline Stitch Line Function
Stem Stitch Singular Stitch Function
Stem Stitch Line Function
Wheat Stitch Singular Stitch Function
Wheat Stitch Line Function
Feather Stitch in Left Direction
Feather Stitch in Right Direction
Feather Stitch in Singular Stitch
Feather Stitch Line Function
Baby Wave in Half-Row Size
Baby Wave in Full Row Size
Baby Wave Singular Stitch
Baby Wave Line Function
Honeycomb Stitch In Half-Row Size
Honeycomb Stitch in Full Row Size
Honeycomb Singular Stitch Function
Honeycomb Stitch Line Function
Van Dyke Stitch in Half-Row Size
Van Dyke Stitch Full Row Size
Van Dyke Singular Stitch Function
Van Dyke Line Function
Free Style Line Stitch in 3 Different Thicknesses
Modify Free Style Stitch Thickness Function

French Knot
Beads sized Small, Medium and Large
Buttons sized Small, Medium and Large
Bows sized Small, Medium and Large
Customize Flowers with 3,4,5,6 petals in Small, Medium and Large Sizes
Customize Leaves in 4 positions- Small, Medium and Large Sizes
Customize Lazy Daisy Flowers with 3,4,5,6,8,10,12 petals in Small, Medium and Large sizes
Customize Lazy Daisy Leaves in 8 positions in Small, Medium, and Large sizes
Bullion Flower sized Small, Medium and Large
Bullion Rose sized Small, Medium and Large
Bullion Daisy sized Small, Medium and Large
Four Step Flowerette
Six Step Flowerette

AutoGrid On/Off     
Automatically Centers the CenterPoint
Centerpoint can be Reposition On-screen
Magnify or Shrink Grid by 50,75,100,125,150 and 200 percent
Numbering on Grid Lines Option
Numbering Outside Grid Option
4 Stitches to a Row
5 Stitches to a Row
Line Grid for Geometric Smocking
Show Pleats and Rows Option
Hide Pleats and Rows with No Grid On-screen Option
Cable Grid for Picture Smocking
Change Grid Color
Change Number of Pleats
Change Number of Rows
Hide Quarter Rows
Show Quarter Rows
Show Pleats Only
Show Rows Only
Hide/Show Toolbar
Change Color Background of Graph to Represent Fabric Color

Change Smocking Plate Fonts on Grid
Change Program Fonts

Custom Color Palette (2,000+ colors)
DMC Colors
32 on-screen Customizable Color Bar

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