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How to Make Matching Smocking Plates from Fabric Motifs

Common Smocking Situation - SmockSoft - Using SmockSoft to Make Matching Plates

Common Smocking Situation

You recently purchase a couple of yards of pretty flowery rose printed fabric and begin looking for a smocking plate that "matches" the fabric.
Unfortunately, you are not having much luck finding one.
Not anymore.
With SmockSoft  graph the smocking plate that you need in minutes!

Using SmockSoft to Make Matching Picture Plates

Import your design into SmockSoft, select a size and SmockSoft will present you with a picture smocking graph of the design in seconds.
Further modify plate using SmockSoft's built-in features right on-screen. 
Automatic Instructions show the location of every stitch and embellishment.
Print it out.
Your graph is proportional, accurately drawn and ready to follow.
That's it!


A portion of the design on the fabric was chosen specifically to design a pre-teen size diagonal yoke smocking plate.
The swatch section shows the portion of the fabric swatch  that was scanned, colored, and modified. Once imported into SmockSoft it was picture graphed by the program in a few seconds. 

Actual Swatch

Matching Yoke Plate
(With some Artistic Interpretation)

Can SmockSoft graph the swatch to look more like the picture?  
Yes,  it can plus you can further modify the graph to suit your project needs.

More Picture smocking examples? "Apple, Apple, One for Teacher and One for Me" or "1904 Edwardian Boy" and more on the SmockSoft Demo Examples Page

Interested in Geometric smocking plates? See Emma's First Bishop for a free bishop pattern you can print at home graphed with SmockSoft or visit the SmockSoft Demo Examples Page.

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