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MultiSurface for Hydrofoil Design & Analysis

hydrofoil design and  analysis

MultiSurface Aerodynamics is used by designers and engineers to solve problems associated with hydrofoil product development. It is used to accurately compute lift and drag forces, longitudinal stability, screen for cavitation and produce 3D .STL files for manufacturing prototypes. MultiSurface Aerodynamics includes a powerful airfoil analysis tool that is used to analyze cross sectional shapes to improve the efficiency of the hydrofoil.

t-foil hydrofoil
Figure 1. T-Shaped Hydrofoil (T-Foil) with Strut Modeled as rendered in MultiSurface Aerodynamics.

t-foil hydrofoil
Figure 2. T-Foil Analyzed Using MultiSurface Aerodynamics. The figure shows
Vortex-Rings Layout and the jump-in Cp Across the Mean Surface.

v-foil hydrofoil

Figure 3. V-Shaped Hydrofoil (V-Foil) and Struts Modeled Using MultiSurface Aerodynamics.

v-foil hydrofoil
Figure 4. Lift coefficient graph along surface

v-foil hydrofoil
Figure 5.  MultiSurface Vortex-Rings distribution on hydrofoil and struts.

Hydrofoil t-foil & v-foil configurations
Figure 6. Hydrofoil System Consisting of the T-Foil and V-Foil.

Hydrofoil Stability Results
Figure 7. Stability report for the Hydrofoil System.

Table of results.
Figure 8. Result table for the hydrofoil system.

Hydrofoil Airfoil Analysis: NACA 6-digit Example
Figure 9.  Airfoil Cp graph showing cavitation number.

Hydrofoil Airfoil Analysis: NACA 64-212 Example
Figure 10.  Lift Coefficient versus angle of attack for three airfoils.

Hydrofoil Airfoil Analysis: NACA 64-212 Example
Figure 10.  Lift Coefficient versus drag coefficient for three airfoils.

Other Results
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