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MultiSurface Aerodynamics Screen Shots

MultiSurface Aerodynamics was used to analyze the wing experiment detailed in NACA TN 1422. The following screen shots were recorded:

MultiSurface Aerodynamics Screen
Main Program Screen.

NACA 65-210
Surface Editor Tab Showing Left Airfoil Selection.

Tapered Wing Definition
Surface Editor Tab Showing Wing Dimensions and Shape Input.

Planform of wing
Interactive Editor Showing Completed Wing (Top View)

Lift-Drag Polar for Wing
Graph Of CL vs. CD. for Wing.

results table
Wing Results Table

Wing 3D view
3D View of Wing Showing Surface (Right) and Delta Cp (Left).

Cross Section Tool
Cross Section Tool Showing Left Semi-Span.

Section Cl vs AOA
Cl Vs. Angle of Attack for Different Stations Along the Wing.

Cl Vs. Cd for Different Stations Along the Wing.

Please click here to see how MultiSurface results compare to experiments.

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