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Pseudospectral Solution of Flow Past a Circular Cylinder.

MultiElement Airfoils 4.1
An Interactive CFD Package for Multiple Airfoil Analysis & Design.

Hanley Releases MultiElement Airfoils 4.1

OCALA, Florida, April 14, 2008 - Hanley Innovations, a leader in the development of interactive PC software for aerodynamics conceptual design and analysis, announced the availability of MultiElement Airfoils 4.1. MultiElement Airfoils is a Windows based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that analyzes airfoils in any configuration. This makes it easier for the designer to develop wings for all modes of operation. MultiElement Airfoils makes it possible to develop high lift airfoil sections for takeoff and landing and high efficiency sections for the cruise configuration all in a single easy-to use application.

MultiElement Airfoils 4.1 Showing High Lift Airfoil Configuration

MultiElement Airfoils 4.1 is based on a novel cartesian grid generation procedure for solving the two-dimensional & axisymmetric flow equations. The software can be used to quickly analyze subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows past multiple airfoils placed at arbitrary locations without the hassels of conventional grid generation. Version 4.1 features an updated cartesian grid algorithim that is easy to implement and offers enhanced computational accuracy.  The new version also solves the compressible Navier-Stokes for laminar flows in addition to the Euler equations.  The solvers are optimized for the cartesian grid scheme and are used to compute the lift, drag and moment coefficients multiple and individual airfoil sections. Also new, is the ability to read-in an airfoil shape directly from a CAD drawing in the AutoCad .DXF file format.

MultiSurface Aerodynamics is a versatile software package that can be used to design and analyze airfoils for all phases of an aircraft operation.  This includes multiple sections for takeoff, efficient sections for the cruise configuration, and the often difficult to analyze sections for landing. It can also be used compute the drag divergent Mach number (Mdd) for multiple airfoil configurations. This is especially useful for conceptual design of rotor blades and business jet aircraft. Results are comparable to body-fitted grid solutions.

Comparison of Cartesian & Body Fitted Grid Schemes

More results can be found at the following pages:

MultiElement Airfoils is availabe for immediate purchase at the Hanley Innovations website. Prices start at $995.00 US for the three months lease and $2,995.00 for a the yearly lease. The price for a perpetual license of MultiElement airfoils is $9,995.00 US. The url is: mefoil.html

About Hanley Innovations
Hanley Innovations is a leader in aerodynamics preliminary and conceptual design and analysis software for education and industry. Software titles include MultiSurface Aerodynamics, MultiElement Airfoils and VisualFoil Plus.

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