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CFD Analysis of Sailboat

Stallion 3D and MultiSurface Aerodynamics are two packages that speed up the production of keels, rudders or sails by combining both design and testing in a single easy-to-use software package. The software can be used to improve airfoil sections, optimize planform shapes and size aerodynamic surfaces. New designs can be tested in minutes and compared to existing appendages.

Some features of the software include:

  • Airfoil analysis and re-design. Watch demo.
  • Compute lift, drag & center or lateral resistance. Read tutorial.
  • Analyse and compare bulb designs. Watch demo.
  • Design & analysis of canting keel & rudder systems. Watch demo.
  • Sail analysis and design. Watch demo.
  • Improve the performance of keels and rudders. Watch demo.
  • Compare the performance of different designs. Watch demo.
  • Analyze marine stabilizers (combined vertical fin and horizontal hydrofoil)
  • Cavitation screening
  • New! Input CAD drawings of airfoil sections
  • 3D output in the form of .stl files

Keel Analysis Tutorial
Follow these step-by-step instructions to calculate lift, drag and center of lateral resistance for swept back keel. Find out how to select airfoils, water properties and different keel shapes. Read the tutorial.

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Please click here to  request more information about MultiSurface Aerodynamics. Please describe your project & Dr. Hanley or our technical staff will contact you shortly with more information.

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Resources: Professional Boat Builder Magazine. DSS-Dynamic Stability Systems