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MultiSurface Aerodynamics Features
MultiSurface Aerodynamics is a perfect tool for airplane design and analysis, sailboat keel & rudder design and analysis, race car spoiler design and other aerodynamics conceptual studies. MultiSurface computes lift, maximum lift (a unique feature), side-force, drag  (vortex & profile) and moments for user-defined wing combinations in both air & water. It also generates graphs and data for the lift distribution along the wing. MultiSurface also computes Cl, Cd & Cm for general airfoil shapes. The software automatically computes the neutral point, angle of trim and Cl-alpha for wing layouts. It can also be used to determine other static stability derivatives.

Screen Shots/Online Demos

Design Features
MultiSurface Aerodynamics provides the components necessary for rapid conceptual design and analysis of airplane wings, keel & rudders, race car wings & spoiler and multiple aerodynamic surface configurations. It is the only software package that can design multiple wings using an interactive user interface that combines airfoil shapes, planform definition and placement. Each surface can be assigned airfoils at its left and right tips (the software actually solves the mean cambered surface based on the airfoil camber lines). The Surface Editor can be used to:

  • square plateDefine and manipulate up to 30 aerodynamic surfaces. Enter left and right chord lengths (taper), span length, tip airfoils, twist angles, dihedral and sweep angles. Use these surfaces as wings, tails, canards, winglets, sails, keels or in a variety of other configurations.
  • Generate NACA 4-Digit and 4-Digit Modified, 5-Digit and 6-Digit Airfoils.
  • Analyze or Design Surfaces using over 1000 airfoils from the UIUC airfoil database
  • Read in the coordinates of your custom airfoil  and then compute and compare its performance with the other airfoils in the database, plot the shape or export them to .DXF files.
  • Assign any airfoil shape to the left and right tips of each aerodynamic surface. Choose from the built-in airfoil library or use your custom shapes. The program will compute the lift, drag and moments based on these airfoil shapes.
  • Assign up to 32 X 32 vortex rings on each surface for accurate analysis. With a choice of up to 30 indvidual surfaces, the program can use over 30,000 vortex rings to correctly model and solve your problem.
  • Modify individual airfoil thickness and camber magnitudes.
  • Specify plain flap deflection and location for each airfoil.
  • Group selected surfaces and move them as a single unit.
  • Specify ground effect at an arbitrary height.
  • Copy any graph to the Windows clipboard and paste into any Windows program.
  • Export any graph using the .BMP file format.
  • Export Graph Values to ASCII files.
  • Export airfoils to .DXF file for use in a CAD program.
  • Export tables to .csv file format for use in spreadsheet programs.
  • Export 3D wings to .stl file format for virtual prototyping use in other CAD/CAE software.

Airfoil Analysis Features

The airfoil analysis tools can be used to:

  • Compute lift, profile drag and moment coefficient for airfoil sections.

  • Estimate the maximum lift for airfoil sections at different Reynolds Numbers.

  • Generate multiple graphs of Cl vs. AOA,  Cm vs AOA, Cl vs. Cd, Cl/Cd vs. AOA, etc. to facilitate comparison of airfoil sections at various flight conditions.

  • Edit, print, copy to clipboard and export graphs to .bmp file format.

  • Generate coordinates for NACA 4, 5 & 6-Digit Airfoils.

  • Read-in custom airfoils sections for analysis.

  • Modify & save airfoils using the Airfoil Data Tool.

  • Simulate a plain flap (using Cross-Section Tool & Airfoil Modification).

  • Plot airfoils to any size.

  • Export airfoils to .dxf files for inclusion in CAD programs.

3D Wing Analysis for Airplane Design

The 3D wing tools can be used to:

  • Compute the overall lift for general wing planform shapes (even elliptical ones)
  • Estimate maximum lift for single wings or multiple interacting wings.
  • Compute the profile and induced drag for single or multiple wings.
  • Analyze biplanes, triplanes, canards, horizontal & vertical tail, and other multiple wing configurations.
  • Analyze wing panels with distinct airfoils at the root and tip chords (linear aerodynamic twist)
  • Analyze wing panels with root chord and tip chords at different incidence angles (linear geometric twist)
  • Analyze wing panels with positive/negative dihedral angles.
  • Analyze wing panels with forward and backwards sweep angles.
  • Analyze wings in ground effect.
  • Compute neutral point for the wing and determine longitudinal stability.
  • Generate graphs for wing CL vs. AOA, CM vs. AOA, CL/CD vs. AOA & CL vs. CD.
  • Edit, print, copy to clipboard and export graphs to .bmp file format.
  • Generate tables of wing characteristics for different angles of attack, speeds, altitudes and wing size.
  • Export tables to .csv file format for use in spreadsheet programs.
  • Export 3D wings to .stl file format for virtual prototyping use in other CAD/CAE software.

Keel /Rudder Analysis

Yacht & marine designers will find the following features especially useful for keel & rudder design:

  • Compute sideforce for tapered or general planform keels & rudders (including elliptical planform)
  • Compute moments about arbitrary point
  • Analyze keel & rudders with sweep (forwards or backwards)
  • Analyze interaction between keel, rudders & centerboards
  • Analyze keels with endplates and wings
  • Estimate sideforce & profile drag due to keels with bulbs
  • Generate NACA 4-, 5 & 6-digit airfoils
  • Enter custom water properties
  • Compute sideforce & drag as function of speed

Race Car Wing & Spoiler Features

The following features of MultiSurface Aerodynamics are especially useful for race car wing and spoiler design and analysis:

  • Analyze spoilers and wings with custom airfoils
  • Analyze spoilers and wings with endplates
  • Analyze spoilers and wings in ground effect
  • Compute downforce for various speeds
  • Compute total drag for various speeds
  • Compute sideforce for wings in cross flow

Our customers use the software to design and analyze wing-tail-canard combinations, wing with winglets & endplates, a race car side air dam, hydrofoils, kites & paragliders and modern sails for racing yachts. You will be pleased with the new .STL file export capability that expedites rapid prototyping of your new products.

Unique Features
MultiSurface Aerodynamics uses the vortex lattice method (based on vortex rings) for non-planar lifting surface analysis; a linear strength vortex panel methods for airfoil analysis; a novel solution of the ordinary differential equation form of the boundary layer equation for computing profile drag. Unlike most vortex lattice packages, MultiSurface directly solves cambered (not flat) surfaces based on your airfoil selections. It also computes profile drag (in addition to induced drag) and estimates the lift coefficient near stall (most wing analysis packaged do not compute profile drag or estimate stall). More information ...

Versions of MultiSurface Aerodynamics
MultiSurface Aerodynamics is available as a Monthly or Yearly Lease. The leased versions require an internet connection to access the software.

Support and Upgrades
We provide free technical support and upgrades for up to one year after purchase for our perpetual license packages.  The leased versions of the software can be obtained from our site soon after they are updated. Please signup for our newsletter to learn about product news, updates and discounts. Click here to signup.

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