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Stallion 3D is an easy-to-use 3-dimensional aerodynamics software for analyzing UAV designs (and other vehicles) that were developed in a CAD program and saved as .stl files. Stallion 3D uses an ordinary PC running Windows (XP, Vista or 7).  Grid generation is automatic. The software can be used to validate designs early in the design cycle to prevent project-stopping errors and speedup the production process. Stallion 3D can be used to select the best designs for further testing and evaluation.  

The following steps are used to analyze the entire 3D aircraft.

Import the Solid Model


Stallion 3D requires a watertight solid model saved as a .STL file. This model (shown in the above picture) was developed by Hanley Innovations for demonstration purposes (HIUAV1).  It uses NACA 4512 airfoils for the main wing and NACA 0012 for the tail. It features a blocked inlet on the lower surface of the fuselage, swept wings (25 degrees) and twin tails.

Grid Generation is automatic and captures the flow boundaries
Once the model is imported into Stallion 3D, the user can choose the size of the solution model (i.e. number of cells).  A small number of grid cells can be automatically generated for a quick run on the PC (more cells require longer run times).  If the solution is satisfactory, the user can simply increase the model size and generate a more detailed solution.  Stallion 3D allows the designer to test their designs on their personal PC to ensure a valid prototype before advancing to the next stages of the design process.

The pictures below show the grid about various components of the aircraft.  Grid generation is automatic and no user intervention is required to generate the grid.

The above picture shows the grid about the fuselage.

The above picture shows the grid about the main wing and tail.

The above picture shows the grid about the twin tail.

After the grid is completed, Stallion 3D performs a 3-dimensional CFD analysis on the immersed boundary.  The analysis is based on the three-dimensional compressible Euler equations. The program also has an option to analyze low speed (incompressible) flows. Stallion 3D outputs lift, moments and pressure drag.  The software can also solve the Navier-Stokes equations for low Reynolds number laminar flows.

The above picture shows the surface pressure computed by Stallion 3D.

The above picture shows the streamlines generated by the program. Notice the flow features at the tip of the wing.

Stallion 3D computes the lift, drag and moment coefficients.  The program also computes forces based on the flow field conditions.

The above picture shows the pressure coefficient computed on the front and rear surfaces.

Stallion 3D Details
Please click here for details about  Stallion 3D.

System Requirements
Stallion 3D requires a PC running either Windows XP, Vista or Version 7.

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