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Airplane Design & Analysis Software

MultiElement Airfoils and MultiSurface Aerodynamics are software packages for aerodynamics conceptual design and analysis of airplane components. These packages help manufacturers to reach their goals of producing an exceptional line of aircraft that maintain good takeoff & landing performance, range, endurance and flying qualities.

MultiElement Airfoils is an easy to use software package for analyzing airfoils in close proximity to each other. The program can be used to analyze three-element airfoils shape that can be customize for your complete line of airplane products. With custom designed leading-edge slats, fowler-type flaps and main wing, you and your engineering team can lay the foundation for your next generation of products to satisfy customers who must take-off and land at short strips at local airports and private airplane communities. MultiElement Airfoils produce accurate results for subsonic and transonic speeds.

A major challenge for airplane designers is to reduce both profile and induced drag. MultiElement Airfoils can be used to rapidly review and modify airfoils that meet your lift & profile drag requirements. A high percentage of the overall drag is due to induced (or vortex) drag. The wing planform can be designed to reduce this drag component. However, competing requiments for structural integrity and weight can lead to a less than desirable outcome in the drag department. MultiSurface Aerodynamics is a wing design & analysis program that can be used to optimize your wing layout. It can model general planform shapes that include control surfaces and out of plane devices (such as winglets & end plates). The program allows you to quickly meet your design goals and performance specifications.

Airfoil Analysis & Design
The airfoil analysis tools can be used to:

  • Compute lift, profile drag and moment coefficient for airfoil sections.

  • Analyze Multiple airfoils in subsonic, transonic and super sonic flows.

  • Estimate the maximum lift for airfoil sections at different Reynolds Numbers.

  • Generate multiple graphs of Cl vs. AOA,  Cm vs AOA, Cl vs. Cd, Cl/Cd vs. AOA, etc. to facilitate comparison of airfoil sections at various flight conditions.

  • Edit, print, copy to clipboard and export graphs to .bmp file format.

  • Generate coordinates for NACA 4, 5 & 6-Digit Airfoils.

  • Read-in custom airfoils sections for analysis.

  • Modify & save airfoils using the Airfoil Data Tool.

  • Simulate a plain flap (using Cross-Section Tool & Airfoil Modification).

  • Plot airfoils to any size.

  • Export airfoils to .dxf files for inclusion in CAD programs.

Wing Analysis & Design
In addition to airfoil analysis, Multisurface Aerodynamics can be used to analyze and design 3D  wings. MultiSurface Aerodynamics has the following features.:

  • Compute the overall lift for general wing planform shapes (even elliptical ones)
  • Estimate maximum lift for single wings or multiple interacting wings.
  • Compute the profile and induced drag for single or multiple wings.
  • Analyze biplanes, triplanes, canards, horizontal & vertical tail, and other multiple wing configurations.
  • Analyze wing panels with distinct airfoils at the root and tip chords (linear aerodynamic twist)
  • Analyze wing panels with root chord and tip chords at different incidence angles (linear geometric twist)
  • Analyze wing panels with positive/negative dihedral angles.
  • Analyze wing panels with forward and backwards sweep angles.
  • Analyze wings in ground effect.
  • Compute neutral point for the wing and determine longitudinal stability.
  • Generate graphs for wing CL vs. AOA, CM vs. AOA, CL/CD vs. AOA & CL vs. CD.
  • Edit, print, copy to clipboard and export graphs to .bmp file format.
  • Generate tables of wing characteristics for different angles of attack, speeds, altitudes and wing size.
  • Export tables to .csv file format for use in spreadsheet programs.
  • Export 3D wings to .stl file format for virtual prototyping use in other CAD/CAE software.

Airfoil Analysis Online Demos
MultiSurface Aerodynamics airfoil analysis demo. View demo.
MultiElement Airfoils demo. View demo.

Wing Analysis Online Demos
Find out how to enter and analyze a  new wing. View demo.
See how easy it is to analyze a paraglider.  View demo.

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