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Hanley Innovations offers the folloiwng airfoil analysis packages:

MultiElement Airfoils - Lite
MultiElement AirfoilsTM (Lite Edition) is a unique software package authored by Patrick Hanley, Ph.D. for computing the lift, drag and moment coefficients for multiple interacting airfoil shapes. The software is desiged to increase your productivity in aerodynamics conceptual design and analysis. It the fastest and most flexible package around for analyzing 2-D flows with multiple airfoils and bodies. The Interactive AirfoilEditor™ allows users to place objects in the flow, move them around with the mouse and and generate an instant solution. You can also change the airfoil type, size, camber, thickness and orientation to quickly generate multiple test cases. MultiElement Airfoils can compute lift, drag and moments for any airfoil configuration within a few seconds on a PC. More information.

VisualFoil 5.0
VisualFoil 5.0 is a single airfoil analysis and library tool for Windows XP/Vista. The software contains NACA 4, 5 & 6 digit generation tools as well as the UIUC airfoils library. VF 5.0 also reads in .dxf files and custom airfoil coordinates. More information.

Computer System Requirements
The MultiElement Airfoils (Lite) and VisualFoil 5.0 require a PC running Windows XP, Vista or Windows Version 7.  It will install and run on both 32 and 64 bit versions of the operating systems.

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